Founder of Int'l Pro Tae Kwon Do Association of Oceania


Grandmaster Dosa Kwon Started Martial arts training in early age in the Mountain in Korea with Grandmaster Yoe-Po, Grandmaster Sung-Mae and Grandmaster Ando. He arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1991 and opened Pro Tae Kwon Do / Bul Moo Do (Buddhist Martial Arts) Training centre. Since then he has been teaching variety of Martial Arts style to professional and lacal people regardless their age.


Main Activity History;

Taught Martial Arts at United States Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan in 1995* Established International Pro Tae Kwon Do Association Oceania in 1997*

Involved in Martial Arts film as Martial Arts director/actor called “Asia Mafia” and “OZ Dragon” in 2000*

Held International Pro Tae Kwon Do Championship at Olympic Park in 2001*

Participated in the MMA championship tournament in Korea in 2003*

Participated in the World X-Impact Championship in Su-Won, Korea 2007



Chairman, International Pro Tae Kwon Do Association of Oceania

Representative, Korea Composite Martial Arts Federation of Oceania

Representative, Bul Moo Do Federation of Oceania

President, Korea Taekwondo Association Australia (The 8th President)

Vice President, Korea Martial Arts Society

Director, Master Kwon's Pro Tae Kwon Do Academy

​​Appointed a Justice of the Peace in and for the State of NSW


    Dosa Kwon (9 Dan) 
The First Note


We are a Family oriented Taekwondo club, we focus on fitness, self-defence, self-discliplines and tournaments.



* Pro Tae Kwon Do (Full contact style)

* Tae Kwon Do (Olympic Style)

* Bul Moo Do (Buddhist Martial Arts)

* Hap Ki Do

* Boxing / Kick Boxing

* Ho Shin Sul (Self-defence)

* Weapons (Stick/Nunchak/Sword/etc.)

* Mixed Martial Arts

* Movie Martial Arts

* Meditation / Buddhist Stretching Yoga


What's Pro Tae Kwon Do


*TRUE Tae Kwon Do, not as a sport but a professional Martial Arts, which is capable of recovering , developing and continuing the true sprit of Tae Kwon Do as well as catching the audiences with amazingly skilful movements and techniques. Pro Tae Kwon Do uses Kick, Punch and Grab. That's why variety of new techniques could be performed.


Benefits of Taekwondo for Children


Children who practice Taekwondo develop a high degree of self-respect. Taekwondo builds their self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline.

They gain confidence by finding that they can achieve their goals by practice and perseverance

They develop better manners, leadership abilities, better concentration skills and they obain a desire to set and achieve goals.

     *They develop a

            “Yes, I can” attitude*


We’d love to hear from you!

email; masterkwonprotkd@gmail.com

Tel / Fax : (02) 9597-5373 | Mob : 0401 686 569 (Grandmaster Kwon)

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*Kogarah Do-Jang

    Girl Guide Hall, 

        1 Robertson Street Kogarah NSW 2217

*Kurnell Do-Jang

    Marton Hall,

         96 Captain Cook Dr, Kurnell NSW 2231

*Rockdale Do-Jang

     Rockdale Ilinden Sports Centre,

        468 West Botany St, Rockdale NSW 2216                                 

 email: masterkwonprotkd@gmail.com

Tel: (02) 9597-5373    Mob: 0401 686 569

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